Ffenestr Gyfreithiol

Hysbysiad a Pholisi Takedown o Loveofqueen

Loveofqueen operates in good faith. The purpose of this policy is to protect the associated Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of third parties as well as those of our customers. We will respond quickly and efficiently to notices of alleged IPR infringement.

However,Loveofqueen requires your help to identify potentially IPR infringing items. As intellectual property owners are responsible for protecting their own IP and Loveofqueen does not claim to hold legal expertise on IPR matters, both parties must necessarily cooperate on this policy.

Os ydych yn wir yn credu bod hawl eiddo deallusol wedi'i sarhau ar Loveofqueen, cyflwynwch ddatganiad o drosedd IP honedig i ni sy'n cynnwys:

  1. Enw llawn perchennog yr hawl eiddo deallusol
    Eich enw llawn eich hun ac enw'r cwmni rydych chi'n ei gynrychioli
    3. Your full address (this must include City, State and Zip Code)
    4. Your contact email address & telephone number (with country code)
    5. Full description of the (alleged) intellectual property right infringement
    6. Explanation of the (alleged) infringement & its location on the Loveofqueenwebsite
    7. Full declaration that you believe in good faith that an IPR has been violated
    8. A statement that the information provided in your Notice is true and correct
    9. Clear and transparent declaration that you will indemnify Loveofqueen against any/all associated claims, losses, liabilities, costs, and expenses (including reasonable attorney's fees) which Loveofqueen may incur in connection with the notice


Gall unrhyw gamliwio a / neu anghywirdeb, naill ai'n fwriadol neu o ganlyniad i esgeulustod, a wnaed yn eich hysbysiad, eich datgelu i atebolrwydd ac iawndal. Rhaid i chi ystyried yn ofalus amddiffynfeydd, cyfyngiadau neu eithriadau IP perthnasol. I gael cyngor cyfreithiol penodol ynglŷn â manylion polisi, cysylltwch ag atwrnai.

To proceed, please download the datganiad torri (Notice) file. Complete the information, print out the document, and sign it before emailing a scanned copy to us at: legal@lgwaethygu. Gyda

Dim ond ar gyfer materion cyfreithiol y mae'r cyfeiriad e-bost hwn ac ni ddylid ei ddefnyddio ar gyfer unrhyw faterion cyn-werthu, olrhain archebion neu ôl-werthu.

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